L’Hostalet puts on your table dishes where the tradition and the present coexist in harmony. Preparations that combine local ingredients, rooted in our memory and that of our customers, with small surprises, unexpected and creative notes. We make a tasty cuisine in which the most important is the respect for the products we use and for who produces them. We are a rural, local restaurant; so, we believe that the best it’s to keep close to the place where the products we cook are grown. We do, consequently, Catalan cuisine, from Garrotxa and from Hostalets.

That’s why we are part – since its foundation – of the Volcanic Cuisine group, which joins the restaurants in Garrotxa that work with the most characteristic products of the region. Simple ingredients but with a marked personality. Potato, black turnip, corn, pork, mushrooms or buckwheat are always present in our kitchens and in the dishes we offer.